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Study in New Zealand

Below are main reasons but not the least that ISAS is recognized as a combine body with New Zealand’s educational System.


Internationally recognized Universities:

New Zealand’s qualifications are highly regarded by employers in the world


Tuition Fees & Expenses:

New Zealand due to its lower annual tuition fees and low cost of living for many courses with quality education.


Minimal Requirements:

Students with passing marks and moderate grades can study there easily. Also, there is no age bar.


Safe and Stable Society:

New Zealand is the second safest peaceful country out of 163 countries in the world for studying & working


Study and work:

With student visa, students can work 20 hours weekly during the study and full time during scheduled holidays to support their further studies.


Low cost of living:

If you are looking for a study abroad that will give you academic excellence and value for money, New Zealand is your destination.


Spouse Permit:

Post graduate and some Level 7 students are allowed to bring their spouses with full work rights.


Your Resume will shine:

What better way to put your skills to test by interning at an organization that suits your academic & professional needs.

ISAS background with New Zealand Education

✔️  ISAS is providing consultancy/visa services to student those are applying for educational purpose in New Zealand.

✔️ There are total 8 Universities in New Zealand and 6 out of 8 universities are our partners.

✔️ Almost 12 institutions on our panel including 6 universities.

✔️ ISAS is recognized as a well-known agency in New Zealand.

✔️ Hundreds of students have already applied for studying in New Zealand after ISAS’s Assessment.

In Pakistan if you are willing to study in New Zealand the only reliable platform you will get is ISAS. We are dealing with almost all educational courses in New Zealand including master or PhD. ISAS is a licensed consultant firm in New Zealand & directly in contact with universities then the other consultancy firms in Pakistan, which means there is no agent or sub agent during processing to till admission.
ISAS is distinguished partner with 6 New Zealand’s Universities.

ISAS Achievements

As a consultancy firm, we specialized in processing the Visa application. Our typical Assessment based on facts that required following phases: Enquiry/ assessment, investigation. However, our most rewarding aspect is to make visa processing easy for our clients. We approved hundreds of students and witnessed their transformation into changing their life style. Over a period of decades, the ISAS is able to assist almost any case with authenticity.

Few Application Approvals for the last 6 years by ISAS for New Zealand:

No Names Program of study Institutions Date of decision
1 F. Subhan PHD University of Auckland 2014
2 H Amir PGD AUT 2014
3 F Junaid PHD Massey 2014
4 E Ullah Philosophy AUT 2014
5 M Nasir PGD SIT 2014
6 M Ahmed PHD AUT 2014
7 S Fakhar Abbas PHD AUT 2015
8 R Hussain Certificate + Bachelors AUT 2015
9 R Zaman PHD Lincoln University 2015
10 A Fareed Bachelor ARA-  Formally CPIT 2015
11 S Sehrish PHD Massey 2015
12 S T Hussain Masters Massey 2015
13 S Zainab PGD AUT 2015
14 S Y Zehra Rizvi Certification Unitec 2015
15 M Mukhtar PHD Lincoln University 2015
16 S Khurram PGD Wintec 2015
17 S Nusrat PGD AUT 2015
18 A Haider Certification + bachelor degree ARA-  Formally CPIT 2015
19 A Shahzadi PHD OTAGO 2015
20 M Raza PGD SIT 2015
21 M Baloch Master AUT 2015
22 S Kashif Master AUT 2016
23 C Dominic Fernandes Diploma Unitec 2016
24 U Nawaz Kiani PHD Lincoln University 2016
25 M Arsalan philosophy Finance Lincoln University 2016
26 S M A Haider Naqvi PGD AUT 2016
27 M U Uddin Siddiqui Eng Lang / bachelors ARA-  Formally CPIT 2016
28 S Talpur philosophy Engineer AUT 2016
29 N Ur Rehman philosophy Engineer AUT 2016
30 M A Yaqoob Postgraduate Diploma Unitec 2016
31 S Ali Malik PhD Lincoln University 2016
32 W Shahbaz PHD Massey 2016
33 M A Ali Rehmani PHD Massey 2016
34 J Badshah PHD AUT 2016
35 R Ali Daha PGD SIT 2016
36 M Amir PGD AUT 2016
37 N Kumar PGD Massey 2016
38 A Azhar PHD University of Canterbury 2016
39 M Hassan Saeed PGD AUT 2017
40 A N Shareef PHD OTAGO 2017
41 A Wajih PGD AUT 2017
42 S Jaisinghani Postgraduate Diploma Massey 2017
43 Y Jawed Graduate Diploma Wintec 2017
44 M. Arsalan PGD Unitec 2017
45 H. Tariq Ali PHD AUT 2017
46 S Ur Rehman Bachelors Unitec 2017
47 M U Uddin Siddiqui Bachelors ARA-  Formally CPIT 2017
48 H Umair PHD University of Waikato 2017
49 M Khan PGD AUT 2017
50 J. Badshah PHD AUT 2017
51 M A Ali Rehmani PHD Massey 2017
52 W. Aziz PHD OTAGO 2017
53 M. Nasir Masters SIT 2017
54 B. Nawaz Kayani PHD Lincoln University 2017
55 A. Ahmed Khan PGD AUT 2017
56 M. Abbasi PHD OTAGO 2017
57 V.  Kumar PGD Unitec 2017
58 A. Anwar PGD in Health Science University of Auckland 2017
60 F. Batool PGD in Computing Unitec 2017
61 S. Soomro PHD University of Canterbury 2018
62 A. Qadeer Certificate in Commerc + Bachelor in Commerce UCIC + University of Canterbury 2018
63 F Ahmed Shah Syed Bachelors of Sports Coaching University of Canterbury 2018
64 T. AHMAD KHAN Master of Engineering Studies Massey 2018
65 R. ELAHI PGD in  International Tourism Management AUT 2018
66 F.l Amin PGD in Business Unitec 2018
67 A. Faseeh Postgraduate Certificate + Masters AUT 2018
68 M M Mumtaz PHD University of Canterbury 2018
69 U. Shah PGD in Business Enterprise SIT 2018
70 R. KumariLohana Gaduate Diploma in Computing Unitec 2018
71 S. M. Ali PGD in Supply Chain and Logistics AUT 2018
72 A. Rehman PHD in Computer Science University of Canterbury 2018
73 J. Badshah PHD AUT 2018
74 M. U. Yousuf PHD Massey University 2018
75 S. Sheikh PHD Victoria University 2019
76 S. A. Ibrahim  Master of Professional Studies Data Science  University of Auckland 2019
77 S. M. H. Taqvi AUT University Certificate in Foundation Studies ACG New Zealand International College 2019
78 S. Yousaf PHD AUT 2019
79 H. Saleem PHD Massey University 2019
80 J. Badshah PHD AUT 2019
81  F. Asif Master of Applied Management SIT 2019
82 S. M. Shaharyar Graduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management AUT 2019
83 Dr. Z.Iram Asad Ph. D AUT 2019
84 M. U. Uddin Siddiqui Bachelor of Information &Technology ARA-  Formally CPIT 2019
  O. Iqbal PHD Lincoln University 2019
85 A. Mohammad Hashmi Bachelors of Commerce Victoria University 2019
86 M. Ali Ph.D Lincoln University 2020
87 B. Parkash Ph.D AUT 2020
88 S. S. Jaffer Ph.D University of Glasgow 2019
89 M. L. Memon MSc  with Advanced Practice University of Northumria 2020
New Zealand Partner Institutions

Meet our university and institution partners.